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NewOaks AI LTD

Automate lead capture, appointment booking, and customer support with an AI-powered system that operates on landing pages, widgets, and SMS

Handling customer inquiries and appointment bookings all by yourself can be overwhelming, affecting your work-life balance and hindering business growth. (Might as well dust off the Ouija board for answers and see what happens.)

You want to maintain a positive online presence by providing excellent customer service, but hiring a full-time human assistant to handle these tasks is costly and challenging.

Imagine if there was a tool that could engage with customers 24/7, resolve inquiries instantly, capture leads, and convert them into appointments.

Meet NewOaks AI.


  • Get a customizable chat that not only engages visitors but also smartly captures leads and helps you convert appointments
  • Deploy your automated AI assistant in a landing, widget or SMS system
  • Transform chat conversations into immediate business prospects with a 24/7 AI assistant that can be effortlessly trained with just one click


NewOaks AI resolves customer inquiries automatically and transforms your website into a lead-generating machine with smart, appointment booking chatbots

Imagine never missing a beat in customer support, even while you sleep.

NewOaks AI automates customer support, keeping your business ahead in today’s fast world.

It uses document upload and URL crawling to let the AI tap into your resources. This way, it provides answers that are natural, relevant, and helpful to customer queries.

Multilingual support removes language barriers, enabling effective communication with customers everywhere.

Choose between the robust GPT-3.5 or the advanced GPT-4 technology for customer support that’s not just automatic but also smart and intuitive.

With NewOaks AI, expect answers that are not only accurate but also connect with your customers, boosting satisfaction and efficiency.

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Transform customer support into a 24/7 service, offering smart and natural answers by learning from your documents and website content.

Turn every visitor into a potential lead with just a click.

NewOaks AI’s lead capture feature is a digital magnet for your business, skillfully designed to transform casual website interactions into valuable leads.

How? By engaging visitors with intelligent, automated chat that not only answers their queries but also intuitively gathers key information.

Picture this: As visitors browse your site, at the perfect moment, the chat widget, powered by smart timing settings, pops up. It deftly shifts from providing answers to capturing essential contact details like names, emails, and phone numbers.

It also prompt visitors to schedule appointments directly through Calendly or Google Calendar integrations.

This seamless process ensures that no potential lead slips through the cracks.

It’s like having a hardworking, efficient, and smart sales assistant who never stops working. This assistant makes sure every chat is a chance for growth.

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Turn your website into a lead-generating powerhouse, engaging visitors with smart chats that learn and capture key details

Imagine reaching your customers directly in their pockets – that’s the magic of NewOaks AI’s SMS feature.

It answers text questions and even starts conversations with your audience via SMS. Helping you identify qualified leads and book appointments.

The SMS chatbot isn’t just responsive; it’s also proactive. You can set it to start conversations after a certain time, making sure your potential customers get engaged at the perfect moment.

Whether it’s answering questions about your services or following up with leads, NewOaks AI chatbot does it all through SMS.

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Automate your SMS marketing with AI: start conversations, answer queries, and follow up with prospects automatically.

Would you like to start your own AI chatbot agency? With NewOaks AI, it becomes an exciting reality.

Tier 3 includes many of features designed for those who want to create unlimited chatbots, offering unlimited team seats and have all well organized in separated workspaces.

It’s the perfect solution for helping clients build bespoke chatbots tailored to a variety of needs, be it customer support, lead generation, appointment booking, or automated SMS marketing.

And with the included with custom domain (CNAME) that will white labeling for the embededing code, so you can offer these services as if they were under your own brand (the customer will see your own domain on the code that is used to embed the AI assistant).

Imagine empowering businesses with their own AI assistants, while simultaneously building a steady revenue source and enhancing your agency’s reputation.

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Launch your AI chatbot agency with custom domain for whitelabeling the embed code and unlimited chatbots.

Trying to manage chat support on your website can sometimes feel like playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. Just when you think you’ve got everything under control, another query pops up, leaving you wishing you had a few extra hands – or perhaps a few extra brains!

NewOaks AI is more than a chat support tool; it’s a powerhouse for your website. The AI-powered chatbot doesn’t just solve queries nonstop; it also captures and engages leads automatically.

Imagine a tireless, smart assistant, always ready to chat, inform, and turn interest into real opportunities like more leads and appointments.

Turn your business into a fully automated customer-enhanced experience.

Get Lifetime access to NewOaks AI today!