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Propose… Seal the Deal… Repeat

Shorten your Sales Cycle & Close Deals Faster with E-signatures, Videos & Workflows

You are spending a lot of time sending emails & hoping your prospects are gonna read them.

It’s a long way to close the deal after you had your sales call with a prospect. And, you are juggling between too many things and not even sure how many deals you’re actually closing.

How about adding personalised videos in your email and getting the e-signature for your digital contracts faster?

Introducing Accordium

Accordium is a sales and marketing tool that makes your emails more engaging & personal and helps you close deals faster with electronic signatures


  • Increase your cold email open rate and close more deals with Accordium
  • Google Chrome Integration to record Videos, Reusable Templates, GIF preview of Video, Legally binding e-signs
  • Alternative to: DocuSign, HelloSign, SignWell, BombBomb
  • Best Suited for: Sales Professionals, Legal Department, HR Department

With Accordium, you can define the sequence of events a.k.a Workflows for a contract with approvers, required signers, and a lot more

Accordium comes up with two modules viz. Engage & E-Signature. 

Get started with Engage by installing Accordium’s Google Chrome extension.  Add your organization logo and Create your first video.

You can either record your own video and/or share your screen (or) Upload your videos from your machine with the help of the Chrome extension.

Make sure to add personalised messages for your clients and send them along with your videos in your emails. You can also create GIF preview of video make it eye catching for the recipient, to embed in your emails.

Share the video directly with your clients using the link. Add a tracking ID to keep track of all the opens, clicks and engagements.

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The videos, when clicked, are opened in a new landing page with your exclusive message to the clients. You can track the video analytics on your dashboard including views, opens, engagement, etc. 

The E-signatures module is built focussing on the smooth experience for the requester (you), and the signer (your clients). And, the e-signatures are legally binding per US and EU regulations.

You can also create reusable template documents for signature, or upload a PDF.

With the help of Workflows, you can define the sequence of events for a contract, with approvers, required signers, and more. 

Contracts in Accordium are so flexible that you can add the Fields anywhere on the contract for eSigning, Approval or Checkbox, according to your needs.

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Upload the sender, approver and receiver contacts using CSV file or one by one in the Contacts section

You can directly send a contract to your client or set up a workflow with a sequence of actions including sending, esigning, approval, receiving, etc.

All the Analytics such as number of deals closing rate, average time to close, contracts sent, cost estimate, etc. can be checked on your eSign dashboard

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Generally, Accordium users pay $79 every month to avail its Sales Teams plan.

Today, you can get the same plan for just $59-one-time for 1 team. And, you can stack up to 3 codes and get 250 Contracts & 500 videos per month with 5 Teams(Organizations) in your account for a lifetime

Harness the power of video to Skyrocket your Sales this Year!

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