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From Google Docs to stunning brand blogs—effortless collaboration, instant publication!

Blogging should be a breeze, but sometimes it feels like trying to perform a magic trick with your mouse and keyboard. (“And for my next trick, I’ll move this 5,000-word article from Google Docs to a hosted blog without losing the formatting!”)

When it comes to convenience and effective collaboration features, Google Docs receives high praise. However, turning those into a hosted blog keeping the formatting and taking care of other differnt aspects while can become a full-time job task.

It’s time for a no-code tool that’s intuitive to use and packed with dynamic features to power your blog based in your already existing Google Docs.

No more re-uploading images, setting meta tags by hand, or fixing technical problems ever again.

Just write in Google Docs and watch as it turns into a stunning blog.

Make way for Typeflo.


  • Instantly publish sleek blogs from Google Docs with seamless, real-time sync.
  • Experience blazing-fast loading and ironclad security with Typeflo; Host your blog on a branded domain that reinforces your professional image.


Typeflo converts Google Docs to fast, SEO-ready blogs, simplifying content publishing and management.

We all know that blogging is more than just writing. It can get bogged down with the cut-and-paste dance between Google Docs and your CMS

Typeflo changes the game. Write directly in Google Docs and let it turn those docs into polished blog posts with a simple share link.

No more formatting woes. No more transfer headaches. Just your thoughts, flowing from doc to blog, effortlessly and perfectly styled.

And if you tweak something in your Doc? It updates live on your blog.

With Typeflo, you’re always in sync, always current.

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Turn your Google docs into neat blogs just by providing its share link

Link your Google Docs to Typeflo and see your blog shape up automatically. Your text formatting is preserved, publishing your content exactly as you intended. No more distorted layouts or reformatting hiccups.

Not just text, your images transition smoothly too. They’re automatically compressed and uploaded to Typeflo’s servers, ensuring your blog loads at lightning speed without losing image quality.

And there’s more—Typeflo fine-tunes your blog for SEO right out of the box. This means better rankings and greater visibility for your content, all without the complexity usually involved with SEO optimization.

With Typeflo, you’re not just posting articles; you’re building a polished online presence. Simply.

No other CMS does it this quick and easy.

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Typeflo turns your docs into fast, SEO-friendly blogs—no fuss, just publish.

When using a separate blogging tool, most box you into using a sub-domain (like blog.website.com).

But what if you want to add a blog right to your site like ‘website.com/blog’ to boost your SEO and keep your readers where they belong—on your site.

With Typeflo, you’re in charge—host on your own domain or pick a custom one. Your content, your rules, your brand.

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Choose where your blog calls home—’yourwebsite.com/blog’ for SEO power or a custom domain, because with Typeflo, you’re the boss.

Streamline your agency’s workflow with Typeflo—designed for teams and freelancers juggling multiple client blogs.

The intuitive dashboard is a command center where you can spin up new client sites, publish with a click, and oversee your entire blog empire.

Assign writers, categorize posts, delve into analytics, and fine-tune SEO, all from one spot.

With Typeflo, you’re not just managing blogs; you’re driving each client’s success.

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Your all-in-one dashboard to effortlessly create, manage, and elevate multiple client blogs to success

Transferring a blog shouldn’t feel like a home move, juggling words and images like furniture. You aimed to share ideas, not toil with text and uploads.

That’s where Typeflo steps in—turning your Google Docs into SEO-friendly blogs is just the start.

It also comes with lightning-fast hosting and automatic SEO optimization, cutting down the grunt work to zero.

Forget about the hassle of complext CMS management and formatting and you’re catapulting your content into the spotlight.

Transform your writings and thoughts into trending content.

Get Lifetime access to Typeflo today!