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Analyzes the HTML code & text on a page to deduce relevant content in the eyes of search engines

Introducing Textfocus: Your ultimate SEO optimization tool!

In this digital age, reaching the widest and most relevant audience on the internet is crucial. That’s where Textfocus comes in. Our powerful tool is designed to analyze the HTML code and text on your page, ensuring that it’s optimized for search engines and attracting the right traffic.

With Textfocus, you can uncover which keywords your page is optimized for and discover semantically related phrases that can make your content more relevant. Our comprehensive SEO analysis examines each word and lists the lexical fields used in your page, providing valuable insights for optimization.


  • Find out which keywords your page is optimized for in terms of SEO ratings/rankings
  • Search for new keywords and further improve your semantic field
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Analyze the SEO and semantic performance of a page in relation to a keyword.

Not only can you check the presence of keywords in the right HTML tags, but Textfocus also evaluates if your page follows good SEO practices or risks over-optimization penalties. We keep you on the right track to enhance your page’s performance.

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Boost SEO with our advanced tool that analyzes HTML code and text, revealing relevant content and lexical fields.

But that’s not all! Textfocus offers real-time analysis of your direct competitors, providing semantic fields related to your main expression.

You can evaluate the relevance of each expression, see if it’s used in your page, and even discover common keywords among your competitors.

It’s a treasure trove of inspiration for writers looking for new ideas and interesting terms to enrich their content.

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We’re constantly evolving to meet your SEO needs.

With our tool, you get more than just semantic suggestions.

Textfocus goes the extra mile by offering keyword search functionality, answering questions, and more exciting features to come.

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Boost your page’s SEO with semantic analysis.

In a nutshell, Textfocus revolutionizes SEO semantic analysis. From analyzing HTML code to identifying relevant content, from checking keyword presence to providing real-time suggestions, our tool empowers you to optimize your page for search engines and skyrocket your SEO rankings.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your SEO game to the next level.

Grab access to Textfocus today and watch your online presence thrive!