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Less is fine.. But more bookmarks are cooler!!

Add, Organize, and Share Unlimited Bookmarks across all browsers

Having a myriad of apps on your phone or a gazillion bookmarks that you’d never visit after once can be frustrating.

Some “OG influencers” ride on that frustration by preaching less is always the best (You ain’t my mom, virtual being!!)

Keeping a tab on the numerous sites you have visited can help you pick up where you left off. That too, with a single click on the icon.

Ideally, visual bookmarks are a no-brainer compared to the ones you forget to see.

Introducing Superdense

Superdense is a compact storehouse for your bookmarks, replacing the conventional way of finding (forgetting too) them for your use.


  • Compactly save, organize, categorize, share your bookmarks.
  • Custom designing of bookmark icons
  • Alternative to: Raindrop, Dropmark
  • Best suited for: You 🙂

Instead of cramming your bookmarks on the bookmarks bar, Superdense gives you enormous space to save your bookmarks with easy icon identifiers, and less text/no text at all.

Create your Superdense account, and you are off to the races to add and organize your stream of bookmarks.

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On the homepage, you can tap ‘+’ to name categories of your bookmarks you would include. Oh! And emojis too

Add bookmarks according to your liking and categorize them as much as you can.

At the bottom right of the page, tap the edit option to unravel how you can add, delete, drag and drop bookmarks wherever you please.

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As a business owner, sharing links/resources with your team keeps them informed of where you are headed. Send email invitations to your team to grant access and your team gets a piece of your pie.

Your profile is yours to own and update your hobbies and interests. Seems like a cakewalk, right? It is!

Add your webpage in your profile and click update. And there, you have something for people to know about you.

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Tools like this don’t often come to our attention. Even if they do, it’s highly doubtful that your pockets won’t burn before you spend it.

Purchasing Superdense at your expense can cost you a chunk of your monthly operating budgets.

Our lifetime deals can last you till the finish line and even beyond that, starting at $19.

Start bookmarking like a Genie-us with Superdense!