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Powerful WooCommerce Add-Ons to Increase Sales and & Conversion Rates.

Getting your customers to your website is just the first challenge.

Once there, it’s another difficult task to get customers to complete their purchases and spend more… abandoned carts and low order vales are just too real. 

StoreGrowth is a WooCommerce plugin that helps online stores address these challenges by providing multiple add-ons that drive more sales and increase conversions. 

Key Features

  • Upsell/Cross-sell Order Bump: By offering relevant products and sales products, you can increase average order value by 2x.
  • Quick Cart: Streamline your shopping process by allowing customers to add and review items without leaving their current page.​
  • Free Shipping Banner: Encourage your customers to add more to their carts by displaying how close they are to qualifying for free shipping
  • Sales Countdown: Streamline your shopping process by allowing customers to add and review items without leaving their current page.


StoreGrowth enhances WooCommerce stores by simplifying the checkout process, increasing average order value, and instilling urgency to purchase.

StoreGrowth is a WooCommerce plugin that improves your online store’s performance and customer experience. It offers a suite of 8 add-ons to simplify the checkout process, boost sales, increase trust and urgency, and increase average order value (AOV). Who doesn’t want that??

According to Cornell research, 70% of online shoppers will abandon a purchase if the checkout process is complicated. StoreGrowth has several modules to improve your customer’s shopping experience and get them checked out fast and easy.

With Quick Cart, allow customers to add and review items without leaving their current page. Use the Direct Checkout add-on to simplify the buying process with one-click purchasing. Click, click, and paid. No more navigating back and forth between the cart and product pages.

Unlock the power of StoreGrowth’s modules to boost your average order value! Add-ons like Upsell and Cross-sell Order Bump entice customers to explore additional products during checkout while the Free Shipping Bar incentivizes them to to qualify for free shipping. 

Build trust and urgency with real-time Sales Notifications and Sales Countdown Timers whichencourage prompt action on product pages and promotions.

Nudge customers through customized messages with the Floating Notification Bar and keep them informed about limited availability with the Stock Count Bar

If there’s one product – or rather 8 add-ons – that cares about you making more sales, it’s StoreGrowth. 

Why Choose StoreGrowth?

Why use Store Growth

If you want to…

  • Boost sales: Streamline checkout, encourage upsells, and create urgency with features like one-click purchasing and sales countdown timers.
  • Improve customer experience: Simplify the shopping journey with features like quick cart and floating notification bar, leading to happier and more engaged customers.
  • Increase average order value: Strategically suggest complementary products with upsells and cross-sells, leading to higher revenue per purchase.
  • Build trust and transparency: Keep customers informed about product availability and promotions, fostering trust and confidence in your store.
  • Reduce cart abandonment: Offer a smooth and efficient checkout process, minimizing abandoned carts and maximizing sales conversions.
  • Eliminate random plugins: Get rid of dozens of individual tools and save hundreds every year.

StoreGrowth is for you!

Who Needs StoreGrowth?

Store Grow LP Who

StoreGrowth can be used by

  • WooCommerce Store Owners
  • Agencies & Freelancers
  • Web Developers

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