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Design interactive online presentations, forms, quizzes, and surveys to boost conversions.

Getting your customers to engage with your website shouldn’t feel like you’re bombing at open mic night. (“I’d even settle for a pity laugh.”)

You know engaging digital experiences is the key to conversions, but leveling up your website with interactive opportunities is way beyond your skill level.

Imagine if there was a tool with an intuitive editor that let you easily create high-quality forms, quizzes, and landing pages to convert more customers.

Meet Snackeet.


  • Create interactive web stories such as forms, quizzes, games, video experiences, and micro-sites
  • Embed your web stories as a floating widget or story banner on your site, or share it out as a link or QR code


Snackeet is a web story builder that lets you design interactive landing pages, publish content online, and collect insights from audiences.

Snackeet lets you design engaging forms, games, quizzes, and video experiences with an intuitive built-in editor.

Choose from over 150 templates to showcase your products in an immersive format that leaves a lasting impression.

Using the design tool, you can embed rich content throughout the page, including text, images, videos, calendars, and Google Maps.

Plus, you’ll be able to animate content to display emoji animations with just a click, giving your site that special “wow” factor!

Create engaging forms, quizzes, games, and video experiences.

Go beyond the basics to create advanced interactive content like photo contests, custom scenarios, fortune wheels, gamified experiences, and PWA micro-sites

You can also add CTA buttons, games, and forms, and then track the performance of each piece of content.

Since Snackeet supports Google AMP Web Stories, you can post fast-loading and full-screen web stories optimized for mobile devices.

This builder even integrates content with Google Ads, so you can easily monetize content and get more bang for your buck.

Google AMP
Post visually mobile-friendly content that converts using Snackeet and Google AMP Web Stories.

When you’re ready to post, you can embed your web stories in an iframe, highly customizable widget banner, or side floating widget to attract first-time visitors.

You’ll be able to share stories over email and SMS campaigns with a link or a QR code. That way, you can spread the word in a snap!

Choose between banner designs that show up as a list of bubbles or cards, and then add the stories you want to display.

Even better, you can add variables to your shared URL, like personalizing the displayed message on your pages, tracking openings, or linking it to your CRM.

Embed web stories widgets directly on your site or share them with a trackable link or QR code.

Snackeet’s detailed dashboard lets you see the stats for your content across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

That means you’ll get insights on views, clicks, leads, responses, and conversions, so you can keep improving your content.

Analyze user-specific and page-specific statistics to understand where users are engaging or bouncing off your site.

Best of all, Snackeet connects to your tech stack with integrations to Klaviyo, Zapier, HubSpot, webhooks, and Google Sheets.

Monitor all your results on Snackeet’s dashboards and sync data with your current tech stack.

With Snackeet, you can create interactive content experiences, share them on the web, and get insights to boost conversions.

Create interactive content that converts.

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