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SEO Spyglass LTD

Find the backlinks that drive traffic and help you rank faster.

Publishing better content alone is not going to help you outrank your competitors. You need more visibility, and you need that like yesterday.

Building backlinks is a key to driving high-quality traffic that converts. But it may sound like a nightmare—a never-ending one, even for marketers.

Worry not. Stop spending your time researching where to find these backlinks.

Meet SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass is a powerful software for backlink audit & research. It helps you find the high-quality backlinks that boost your competitors’ ranking and also enables you to find the backlinks that drive the most traffic to your website.

Get Started with SEO Spyglass by creating a project, entering any URL & clicking “Finish.”

Within minutes, you will get a complete Backlink profile. With the readymade filters, you can quickly identify the Domain Rank, the Date when the backlink was captured & 15 other factors that should give you a headstart for your next link-building campaign.

Identify high-quality referring links and unique domains in your competitors’ backlink profiles with InLink Rank scores. So that you can claim those backlinks if and when they lose any. seo spyglass ltd 7440 3

A visual backlinks growth chart helps validate your link-building strategy and consistently improvise. 

Optimize your anchor texts with “keywords” that represent and refer to your website in the anchor text analysis. And watch out for the keywords your competitors target in their link-building strategy.

Your backlink profile also helps you find the links possibly hurting your Site Authority.seo spyglass ltd 7440 4

Speaking of authority & reputation, quickly identify harmful links in the penalty risks dashboard and protect your website (business) from penalties and manual actions from Google. 

Generate a disavow file in the app and get rid of risque toxic backlinks. (Better safe than sorry, right?)

Likewise, ensure your referred users land on a functional webpage. Identify broken pages in the Linked Pages dashboard and fix them immediately to lower your bounce rate and save the day.seo spyglass ltd 7440 5

Keep track of your most precious backlinks with the Tags Feature, and set automation to monitor them daily, weekly, or monthly.

Sync your Google Analytics account with SEO Spyglass and get real-time referral traffic data.

This deal gets you the Enterprise plan, i.e., as an Agency, you can generate unlimited white-labeled & customized backlink reports that you can share with their SEO clients. 

Your Projects are stored in the Cloud, so you & your whole team can access real-time updates and work on the same project together.

Get lifetime access to SEO Spyglass now!