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Save Up To $800 Per Year Using This One Tool For Your WordPress Woocommerce.

Problem: You’ve been trying to increase your online sales by adding a shopping cart to your website, but you do not see your expected results. 

Agitate: It’s not your fault. Most shopping carts are difficult to use, and they don’t always integrate well with WordPress websites.

ConvertDeal Presents – Sellkit

Sellkit is the most sophisticated tool for building funnels on the planet.

Sellkit is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s one of the smartest, most advanced funnel builders and checkout optimizers for WooCommerce. With Sellkit, you’ll see an instant increase in your sales and conversions.

Out of the box, Sellkit gives you:

  • All in one funnel builder for WordPress WooCommerce users.
  • State of the art Sales funnel.
  • Sales Themes and templates.
  • Advanced customer segmentation.
  • Personalized coupons and discounts.
  • Easy upsell-downsell features.
  • Checkout optimization.
  • Smart checkout notices
  • Product Filters


  • Sellkit helps you build funnels, optimize your checkout, and build personalized discounts for your WordPress e-commerce store built on WooCommerce.
  • Alternative to Cartflows, Woofunnels, WPFunnels, CheckoutWC.
  • Easy to use, beautiful UI/UX, built for WordPress WooCommerce users, super affordable.
  • Best for e-commerce companies using WordPress WooCommerce to power their store. 
  • You will save up to $800/year by removing other plugins that Sellkit can handle on its own. 

Critical Statistics:

  • The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.63% (Source: Baymard Institute)
  • Only 10% of shoppers will add anything to their carts.
  • After they do, 60-80% of them abandon their carts without finishing the purchase.
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Smart Funnel Builder:

You’ve tried all the other funnel builders out there, and they just don’t have the features you need to create a truly effective sales funnel. 

Most funnel builders are outdated, difficult to use, or just don’t have the necessary features to create a truly effective sales funnel.

Sellkit is different. 

Sellkit has built the most advanced funnel builder for WordPress, with all the features you need to create a robust sales funnel that will drive more sales. Its easy-to-use drag and drop interface makes it simple to create your perfect funnel.

1. Create Unlimited sales funnels, just drag and drop.

SellKit is the only funnel builder for WordPress that allows creating unlimited sales funnels with unlimited offers, all using a simple Drag & Drop builder.

Alternatively, choose from readymade funnel templates tailored for various businesses and use cases.

2. Increase sales with personalized order bumps

Quickly increase the average order value with one-click order bump offers anywhere in the checkout form.

3. Boost order value with personalized one-click upsells

Boost AOV even further with personalized one-click upsell offers during checkout, either as separate offers or right within the same order before it’s placed.

Trigger order bumps and apply personalized discounts based on your specifications.

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4. Hyper-target your customers with the best-in-class segmentation

Use advanced segmentation to personalize order bumps and upsell offers based on customer geolocation, referring website, shopping behavior, etc.

Use the power of Sellkit RFM segment analysis to group your customers into distinct cohorts.

5. Get started fast with readymade sales funnel templates

Quickly put together your sales funnel using SellKit’s readymade templates.

Choose from dozens of templates from the SellKit cloud for different niches and customize them.

The only funnel builder with actionable insights and analytics.

Assess the performance of your funnels using relevant metrics and insightful charts.

You can understand how your funnels perform within any chosen timeframe, from engagement to sales.

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Checkout Optimization:

Most online stores have a woefully low checkout conversion rate. 

This is costing you money. If your store isn’t converting at least 5% of visitors, you’re losing out on potential sales.

Sellkit is the answer.

Sellkit’s powerful checkout optimization tool streamlines the conversion process, making it fast and easy for customers to buy what they want. The simple and streamlined checkout process has increased conversion rates by up to 15%.

1. Simplify the WooCommerce checkout page

Remove checkout friction with simple checkout forms, express checkout, sticky cart, skip the cart, and a wider variety of payment options.

2. Make your WooCommerce checkout fun, informative and convincing

Help your visitors decide by displaying supporting information such as testimonials, reviews, interesting numbers, and the checkout form.

3. Increase sales with personalized order bumps & one-click upsells during checkout

Show personalized order bumps based on customer shopping details anywhere in the WooCommerce checkout form.

Increase order value with conditional one-click upsell offers right after the Pay button clicks.

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4. Boost mobile sales with mobile-optimized checkouts

SellKit checkout forms are highly optimized for mobile.

Boost your mobile sales with mobile-ready designs, single-step forms, and one-click payment.

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Dynamic Discounts:

You’re losing sales because you can’t offer the right discounts at the right time. 

You’re not alone. Most businesses lose out on sales due to the inability to create and manage discounts quickly and easily. 

Sellkit is a WooCommerce promotion tool that lets you set up smart discounts, coupons, and notices in minutes, without any programming required.

1. Treat eligible customers with personalized discount coupons

Overcome hesitation and competition with a winning hand. Build a better relationship with your customers and increase repeat purchases with smart coupons based on your customer’s shopping behavior.

2. Boost conversion possibility with dynamic discounts in the checkout

Personalize the shopping experience with conditional discounts applied automatically during checkout. Define your own rules and apply discounts based on the customer’s shopping details.

3. Display smart notices based on customer behavior

Show personalized messages to the customer in cart, checkout, catalog, product single, and order confirmation pages to effectively increase the chances of more orders.

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4. Choose from a variety of conditions to personalize WooCommerce promotions (coupons, discounts, and notices)

Use advanced segmentation to personalize the final price, discount coupons, and notices during checkout based on customer geolocation, referring website, shopping behavior, and many other attributes. Use the power of Sellkit RFM segment Analysis to group your customers into distinct cohorts.

5. Define custom discounts and coupons for different locations

With SellKit’s advanced geolocational segmentation, you can now apply dynamic discounts based on visitors’ geolocation. You can also generate coupons or display smart notices based on specific locations.

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Smart Checkout Notices:

Most online stores lose out on potential sales because they do not know how to use the power of persuasion at checkout. 

Without using persuasive tactics, you leave a lot of money on the table. 

Sellkit is a WooCommerce plugin that uses Smart Notices to show personalized checkout messages with tempting offers. These notices have been shown to increase the chance of bigger orders, so you can boost your average order size and start making more sales.

1. Visually build and customize smart checkout notices

Define the content for every element in your checkout message with zero coding and preview in real-time.

2. Define where to display your notice

Show tempting offers based on customers’ journey stage and behavior anywhere across your important pages.

3. Personalize your notice with dynamic keywords

Personalize your notices with advanced dynamic keywords and trigger powerful cognitive biases such as FOMO (fear of missing out), loss aversion, and more.

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4. Make rule-based notices based on dozens of rule combinations

Boost engagement with your notices by making them look special to your customer. Personalize your notices based on 30+ conditions, including shopping details and history, in-site activity, geolocation, etc.

5. Display notices based on recency, frequency, and monetary values

Use advanced RFM segmentation to group your customers based on their recency, frequency, and monetary values and show the right smart notice.

6. Measure your notices’ performance with actionable insights and analytics

Track the number of impressions and clicks on your smart notices within a timeframe and measure the growth with comparative charts.

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Smart Coupons:

Coupons are a great way to drive loyalty and repeat purchases, but they can be difficult to create and manage. 

Most coupon codes are either one-time use or expire after a certain time. This makes it difficult to track the success of your promotions and limits the number of people.

Sellkit’s smart coupons are based on customer behavior so that you can target specific customers with unique offers. Our coupons are also automatically generated, so you don’t need to create or manage them yourself.

1. All you need to build and customize smart coupons

SellKit’s powerful Personalized Coupon widget allows you to build and customize every element

2. Personalize your coupons based on 30+ conditions

Boost engagement with your promotions by making them look special to your customer. Personalize your coupon based on their shopping details, history, in-site activity, etc.

3. Target customers based on their engagement and loyalty

Use RFM segmentation to group your customers based on their recency, frequency, and monetary records.

4. Define custom coupons based on geolocations. 

With SellKit’s advanced geolocational segmentation, you can generate coupons based on your customer’s location.

5. Measure your coupon’s performance with actionable insights and analytics

Assess the success of your promotion with relevant metrics and insightful charts within a timeframe and measure the growth.

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Product Filters:

With over 1.3 million active installs, WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform. 

However, only a fraction can achieve high conversion rates out of all those stores. One of the main reasons for this is a lack of good product filters. 

Sellkit offers the widest variety of product filters with in-depth customization, variation swatches, and industry-leading response time to bring the ultimate filtering experience to WooCommerce.

1. Widest variety of product filters in WooCommerce

Use Sellkit’s powerful Product Filter widget to build product filtering for the most complicated product repositories.

2. Make filtering easier with variation swatches

Show product variations with images, colors, buttons, and radios to help customers filter variations easier.

Variation swatches are extremely useful for online stores with many products and item attributes.

3. Customize the appearance of product filters in-depth

Customize the appearance of product filters with Elementor. Reorder the filters and change their color, size, font, icon, spacing, shadows, etc.

Some Use Cases:

  • Increase revenue with Upsells, order bumps, and optimized checkout pages for retailers selling physical or digital goods.
  • Create professional lead generation funnels for Marketers.
  • Sell online courses with optimized sales funnel to attract more students.

Why are businesses choosing Sellkit over the rest:

  • Easy to use and very affordable. 
  • One of the most advanced funnel builders available on the internet for WooCommerce.
  • State of the art Sales funnel.
  • Advanced customer segmentation, personalized coupons, and discounts.
  • One-click setup for WordPress WooCommerce.
  • Incredibly powerful features.
  • Readymade themes are available for a ton of niches. 

What are you waiting for? With such a feature-rich solution, your purchase will get paid off in less than a week of implementation for any active WordPress woocommerce store. 

Save over $800/year by switching to Sellkit, less management, and higher ROI. 

Get Sellkit at our “no-brainer” lifetime deal pricing, increase the average order value of your cart, and sell more.