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Automate Facebook Messages & Friend Requests at Scale

Your customers are on Facebook Messenger. Let’s look at the numbers, Facebook DM’s open rate is around 80% and the click-through rate averages 13%. Clearly, this is another marketing channel you can tap into.

What if you could easily target Facebook’s 3 BILLION users and send them DMs at scale without spending ANY money on ads?

ReachOwl is the tool used by others to automate Facebook or Instagram DM campaigns. And now you can get your hands on it.

How you use this powerful tool is entirely up to you. ReachOwl gives you the ability to do this at scale. Use responsibly and take advantage of its amazing features.

Key Features

Automate Your DM Outreach

Save time on outreach processes by automating messaging sequences, friend requests, and analyze results. Stop wasting money on manual outsourcing or ads.

Audience Extraction

Easily find targeted prospects through Facebook groups, posts, comments, or keyword filters then initiate your outreach sequence and convert prospects to leads.

Keyword Monitoring

Tap into timely sales opportunities. ReachOwl sends notifications when your selected keywords and competitors are mentioned on Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.

Built-In Analytics

Drive higher conversions with built-in analytics. Use ReachOwl to monitor metrics like responses and friend requests to improve campaign results over time.


Now you can use ReachOwl to attract quality leads, drive more sales, and analyze your FB outreach results.

Hoot… Hoot… Get More Reach & Sales!

Amplify DM Outreach

Save time and money on outreach by eliminating manual work and avoid hiring assistants. ReachOwl lets you send mass messages on Facebook and Instagram. Stupidly simple marketing, you send more messages and get more reach!

Turn Comments into Commerce

Use ReachOwl’s search, extraction, and analytics features to turn Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit into limitless leads and sales. Find timely opportunities to reach out to your prospects and beat your competition to the punch.

Connect When It Matters Most

Remove friction with improved responsiveness. ReachOwl helps you enhance processes like; helping prospects find the right products faster or delivering instant support while they’re contemplating buyer objections.

Why Choose ReachOwl?

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We all know Facebook and Instagram outreach works. Here’s why ReachOwl helps you do it better.

  • 100+ Satisfied Customers: Outreach experts and marketers are already using ReachOwl to automate their outreach and generate more sales.
  • Scalable Tool: You can add your team members into ReachOwl as per your plan and can scrape Unlimited Audiences making it a highly scalable asset for yourself.
  • Compared to other tools, ReachOwl is specific: Wish to only reach out to an audience that liked your Mother’s day campaign on Facebook Ads? Well, you can do it by just pasting the URL of the ad, selecting the audience and reaching out to them.
  • All of the above at just 1 time price: another point to why you should grab it today? It is available at just 1 time price so you are ALSO saved from an additional monthly bill. Pick a license, go to Facebook and start generating leads.

Who Needs ReachOwl?

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Some of the specific groups that can benefit from ReachOwl are:

  • Digital Agency Owners
  • Lead Generation Experts
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Coaches and Trainers
  • Digital Product Owners

ReachOwl Use Cases

  • Digital Agency Owners: add another lead source in your arsenal and equip yourself or your sales team with ReachOwl to extract leads from Facebook.
  • Lead Generation or Outreach Experts: Facebook is a gold mine which you as a lead generation geek shouldn’t neglect. Grab your hands on ReachOwl and unlock infinite possibilities.
  • Freelancers: If you are looking to get your first client or 100th, adding Facebook as one of the lead sources is good as a solopreneur.
  • Marketers: your organization needs more leads and sales, become the one who they say ‘he is the one who found ReachOwl’ and reach your target audience.
  • Coaches and Trainers: Find students for your coaching and training programs.
  • Digital Product Owners: have a new digital product built and need early adopters or beta testers? Do reach out to certain group members on a mass scale and reduce the time it takes to get your first 100 signups.

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