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Get more Upwork jobs with this AI-powered proposal generator and RSS reader.

As a freelancer, finding jobs on Upwork can feel like a hustle in itself. (“You know what they say: The early bird finds the new listing.”)

But finding new opportunities is just the first hurdle—you’ve also got to churn out compelling cover letters to convince clients to hire you.

If only there was an AI-powered tool that made it super easy to find and apply to Upwork projects.

Introducing PouncerAI.


  • Speed up your job search with an RSS reader optimized for Upwork postings
  • Generate persuasive cover letter proposals that highlight why you’re the right fit for specific jobs


PouncerAI is an AI-powered tool that helps you find, apply, and land more jobs on Upwork.

With PouncerAI’s job alert system, you’ll get notifications as soon as new jobs are posted on Upwork. That means you can be the first to apply!

Set up notifications that work for you, from desktop alerts and emails to Slack notifications and more.

From there, you can generate a tailored cover letter and submit your application, all in just minutes!

Real-time Upwork job alerts
Receive immediate alerts when new Upwork jobs are available.

With PouncerAI’s job finder feature, you’ll get a clean RSS feed that lets you quickly review job postings from Upwork.

You’ll get access to key details about each posting, and can even speed up your search with shortcut keys.

View the job description and save specific postings to review later. If you change your mind, you can easily remove jobs from your list.

RSS reader
Find Upwork jobs with an integrated RSS reader that’s optimized to help you find jobs fast.

Once you’ve found those dream jobs, PouncerAI lets you generate cover letter proposals tailored for each posting.

This generator combines info about your skills and experience with the job information to whip up proposals that highlight why you’re the right fit.

You’ll even be able to create your own proposal templates using AI prompts and canned text, so you can churn out unique cover letters in record time.

Upwork proposals
Generate a tailored proposal that showcases your relevant skills and experience for each job.

Don’t let Upwork’s formatting limitations keep you from standing out! Use PouncerAI’s Upstyler toolbar to add flair to your cover letters with bolded and italicized text.

To take things up a notch, you can embed bullet points and other callouts to highlight key elements of your proposal.

Plus, you’ll be able to showcase your personality and include emojis in your proposals with just one click.

Upstyler toolbar
Make your cover letter proposals stand out with bold and italic text, bullet points, and emojis.

PouncerAI gives you everything you need to find and apply to job postings on Upwork in a fraction of the time.

Find work in a snap.

Get lifetime access to PouncerAI today!