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Popupular LTD

It helps you embed dynamic content from hundreds of web products into a popup including videos, calendar, form, etc., without any coding.

Embed Anything Into A Popup On Your Site

As unique as it sounds, this easy-to-use tool helps you add any web page content into a popup on your website.

Further, it helps integrate the products you already use and love that can be put into an iframe or a web page on your site thus creating various interaction scenarios from lead generation to customer support.

ConvertDeal presents Popupular It helps you embed dynamic content from hundreds of web products into a popup including videos, calendar, form, etc., without any coding.

Popupular makes it easy for site owners to enrich their website(s) with interactive web content without help from developers.

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Learn more about Popupular!

Create and preview popups directly on your website with a Google Chrome extension. Publish in one click.

  • Use Popupular’s Chrome extension to create, edit and preview your popups directly on your site. Publish to your users with one click.
  • Install Popupular on your site with a simple copy-paste or with Google Tag Manager. Works across subdomains and multi-tenant apps.
  • Your popups are optimized for the modern web and will work on any device. As is to be expected.
  • Popupular is a tiny, lightweight Javascript snippet (~50Kb). Your pages will not see a drop in performance.  

Easily optimize for playback in desktop and mobile browsers.

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You can embed –

  1. Youtube Video In A Popup – Quickly call out a YouTube video player to promote a product or explain a feature
  2. Calendly Calendar In A Popup – Quickly show Calendly calendar to schedule a demo
  3. Google Doc ‍In A Popup – Quickly show a Google Doc to explain a feature or collect responses
  4. Airtable Sheet In A Popup – Quickly show an Airtable spreadsheet with your product descriptions
  5. Mailchimp Form In A Popup – Quickly call out Mailchimp sign up form for your leads
  6. Podcast Player In A Popup – Quickly call out Soundcloud player with your latest product podcast
  7. Image Or GIF In A Popup – Drop in a promo image and set what happens when users click
  8. Website Or Page In A Popup – Quickly show an FAQs page to answer a common user question
  9. Custom HTML In A Popup – Easily embed your custom HTML for immersive user experiences
  10. and more…
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Trigger Your Popup As Needed – Easily Control When, What, Or Who Will Trigger Your Popup

On Click – Trigger your popup when user clicks on a selected page element

On Hover – Trigger your popup when user hovers over a selected page element

On Scroll – Trigger your popup when user scrolls to the selected place on page

On Timer – Trigger your popup when user has spent specified time on page or has been idle

On Page Visit – Trigger your popup as soon as user arrives on the page

On Page Exit – Trigger your popup when user is about to leave the page

On Event – Trigger your popup when a set event has occurred

On Page Rule – Trigger your popup only on certain pages or other page rules

On Schedule – Schedule your popup to trigger on a set date and/or time (interval)

and other triggers and segmentation criteria.

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What are the benefits of using Popupular?

  • Chrome extension to create, preview and manage popups right on your site
  • Hundreds of embeddable web products
  • Rich settings – triggers, page rules, occurrence, user segmentation, scheduling
  • Ease of use
  • Saves time and money

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Small Agencies
  • Solopreneurs

Alternate For – Canduai

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