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Get Access to 2,000+ Recently Funded Startups Every Month. A never-before-seen offer!

We send a lot of emails but you know what the most annoying, time-consuming, and costly aspect of our cold email outreach is – creating LISTS!

LeadBites knows this better than anyone as they’re the leading provider of custom data lists for B2B outreach. One of the most common requests they get is to find recently funded startups and now you can get your hands on that list every month at a one-time, lifetime price.

Sure, you can hire a VA or two to do this work but you’d spend more in 1 month than you would on this deal.

Sure, you can buy all the software subscriptions, database access, and monitoring services to create such a list, but you’d spend more within the first month.

Sure, you can buy from anonymous sources who claim they’ve done all the research meticulously, but you’d be nuts to believe that.

That’s why you need LeadBites Funded Startups List, packed with valuable data points. If you’ve got a solid product, service, or offer, then get it in front of this list. Do it every month and close deals with prospective buyers with funds to deploy.

I’m talking to you… agency owners, service providers, saas marketers, and freelancers. This is the monthly list just for you!

Key Features

  • Hundreds of Hours of Research: We spend hundreds of hours every month manually identifying and gathering contact information of leads that have the funds to buy your service or product.
  • Verified Data Sources: We aggregate data from multiple sources and costly databases to bring you verified data on recently funded startups.
  • 30+ Data Fields Available: Our lists are the most comprehensive in the market containing 30+ data fields such as contact emails, company info, funding details, social media, & more.
  • Save Time and Money: Our manual effort and curation of these lists results in extremely valuable prospects delivered to your inbox each month saving you time and money.


2,000+ leads per month. Every month. With contact info. Fully verified.

The money’s in the list! We swear. This is true and such targeted lists are time-consuming and expensive to gather. You don’t have the time to create such a list but you absolutely need fresh leads. So for a one-time cost, you could be receiving thousands of new leads directly in your inbox. Or you could continue to procrastinate while other competitors close these leads.

For obvious reasons, this is a limited quantity offer so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Get lifetime access to this list before it sells out.

Why Choose The Funded Startups List?

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For the past three and half years, our team has been using these lists internally for lead generation. We’ve sold it to our clients for their use. After streamlining our process over the years, we’re now offering it to a wider audience. While there are other providers who may claim to offer a similar list, here’s why LeadBites is the better choice:

  1. LeadBites is the leading provider of custom data lists to B2B companies. Companies like Uber, large financial institutions, insurance firms, and well-known SaaS use their services. 
  2. LeadBites has serviced over a thousand brands, businesses, and agencies seeking:
    • Lead lists
    • Targeting Lists
    • Influencers List
    • Lookalike Audiences
    • Affiliate Lists
  3. LeadBites team consists of data miners, programmers, and marketers. People who actually know how to gather data and determine its quality. 
  4. LeadBites team built data-focused SaaS platforms that rival some of today’s popular tools. Data is something they know inside/out.

Who Needs The Funded Startups List?

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Some of the specific groups that can benefit from the Funded Startups List include:

  1. Agency owners / Service providers
  2. SaaS owners
  3. Marketers
  4. Investors
  5. E-commerce brand owners
  6. Job Seekers

Funded Startups List Use Cases

Funded Startup Lists can benefit anyone looking for clients or partnership opportunities.

  • Email Marketers: Find the right prospect to pitch your service or product.
  • SEOs: Reach out directly to startups that require SEO.
  • Advertising Agencies / Freelancers: Offer PPC ads management to funded startups that now have to grow their user base.
  • SaaS Marketers: Generate more registrations or demos of your SaaS product from targeted companies.
  • Sales Representatives: Reach out to highly targeted prospects and convert them into bookings or customers.
  • Marketers: Contact decision makers directly to offer your service or product.
  • Affiliates: Find startups that can benefit from your audience or reach.
  • Investors: Source new pipeline of validated startups before their next funding round.
  • E-commerce Brand Owners: Explore targeted prospects that need branded collateral and products.

Get lifetime access to the Funded Startups List today!

How does the Funded Startups List compare to other similar services?

The value is clear. Simply compare what you’d be paying MONTHLY equating to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over 2 years vs. just a ONE-TIME investment for this sales-generating, time-consuming service. Invest in your business and outreach process. You won’t find a better deal because no one has ever offered this service as a lifetime deal. See comparison below.

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Plans and Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to the LeadBites Funded Startups List
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • No Refunds for this Deal as it is a monthly service. All details can be verified BEFORE purchase. Again, this deal is non-refundable.

Features Included in All Plans

  • A New List Delivered Every Month
  • Verified Company Information
  • Verified Decision Maker Email Addresses
  • Verified Social Media Profiles
  • 30+ Data Fields
  • 100+ Hours of Monthly Research
  • Leads Delivered in Excel Format

Get lifetime access to LeadBites now!