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When just about anything can go viral these days, it’s hard to know what factors should shape your marketing strategy. (“Seems like all we need is a recipe, typing ASMR, and a puppy.”)

More important than all those gimmicks is the data that reveals what lands with your target audience—if only you could analyze it.

Good thing there’s an AI tool that can pull insights from thousands of high-performing videos on social media in just a few minutes.

Introducing Kuasar Video.


  • Simplify social media marketing with AI tools that handle everything from video analytics to scripting
  • Instantly analyze tens of thousands of social media videos to stay on top of trends and outperform your competitors


Kuasar Video is an AI tool that can analyze thousands of videos on social media and pull insights for your marketing.

Getting started with Kuasar Video is simple! Just add your TikTok or Instagram accounts to start analyzing thousands of videos.

From there, the AI will automatically score videos using parameters like views, likes, comments, duration, and followers—and give you an entire breakdown.

That means you’ll get an inside scoop on video performance, audience behavior, and trends right at your fingertips.

AI video scoring
AI scores video results based on parameters like views, comments, duration, and more.

Want to know what makes a video perform well? You can ask the AI to share video insights that’ll improve your content strategy.

Search for videos that feature certain objects by entering specific search terms or adding custom tags.

Plus, you’ll be able to analyze scripts from high-performing videos. That way, you can write the kind of content that gets views.

Analyze video scripts
Use AI to analyze winning scripts from high-performing videos!

Kuasar Video’s AI can help you understand exactly what your audience wants to see, making it a breeze to revamp your marketing strategy.

For example, you can ask about your target audience or content structure—and the AI will answer you right away.

This feature also helps you generate keywords and hashtags, as well as collect insights on your top competitors.

AI video insights
The AI can answer all your questions and share valuable insights about your competitors.

The dashboard lets you access data on video performance, including the best days to post for maximum engagement.

You can track video engagement stats like video duration, topic engagement, hashtag engagement, and overall sentiment.

Customize your dashboard using the filtration feature, so you’re only monitoring the metrics that matter most to your business.

On top of all that, you can download reports as PDFs or images to share with your team, clients, and stakeholders.

Data dashboard
Customize your dashboard to track whatever data you need to grow your business.

Kuasar Video’s AI can analyze thousands of videos on social media and answer any questions to help you create high-performing content fast.

Create more, watch less.

Get lifetime access to Kuasar Video today!