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KeywordCaddy LTD

KeywordCaddy is a one-in-all SEO writing tool with keyword research, content writing (including both DIY and AI capabilities) and SERP tracking.

Unlike other tools, KeywordCaddy provides you the data you need to make the decisions and create unique SEO optimized content, while allowing you to leverage AI technology to deliver the work quickly.

It helps online content writers create SEO optimized articles quickly and easily, and track results of the work over time.


The Keyword Research module provides data for the top 15 SERPs and hundreds of related keywords with their SEO metrics.

KeywordCaddy includes three different and critical but complimentary modules:

  • The keyword research module.
  • The content writing module (with Theo, our AI Writer).
  • The SERP tracking module.

Being able to use all three in a single SEO tool allows you to research and find competitive keywords, create the content (or have Theo write it for you) and track SERP results over time of your work.

The keyword research module will give you essential SEO data of your keyword and that of hundreds of other related keywords. This data includes:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Number of backlinks to the competitor page
  • Number of backlinks to the competitor domain
  • Monthly search volume
  • Spam score
  • Top 15 ranking URLS in Google and their SEO metrics
  • more

With this data you can easily decide which keywords will work better for your article, and include them into your project as a main and LSI keywords with a few clicks.

KeywordCaddy doesn’t tell you what to do; it guides you, allowing you the freedom to make your content truly yours.

The content writing module in KeywordCaddy is very easy to use, and also automates much of the SEO process.

Coming from the keyword research module you’ll aready have the main keyword, related keywords you selected, and Google’s “People Also Ask” questions ready as subtitles for you to use in your article.

You can then start writing the content using the keywords you intend to use- as well as the questions- or use Theo (our AI writer) to generate the content for you.

KeywordCaddy is also a great tool to use when improving existing articles. It will detect what keywords it already has from the list and which ones are missing in just a few seconds.

And best of all, unlike other tools, it allows you to add/ include keywords from other sources you may have. We don’t tell you what to write; we guide you into writing your own and unique SEO content.

Don’t feel like writing? The AI writer will do it for you- following your instructions.

Theo, our AI writer, has been designed to be adaptive, flexible, and with a simple UX in mind.

Out of the many ways it can be used, these are the 3 most popular:

  1. Generate an SEO optimized article. You can use Theo to create an SEO optimized article by importing the keywords you want to use from the content writing module, giving it the subheaders you want to use (including ‘People Also Ask” questions), title, tone, word count and versions of the post.
  2. Create any kind of written content. Give Theo a set of instructions at the bottom of the AI writing box and Theo will generate the content you requested. It can be an article, an outline of an article, a list of subheaders for your article, a food recipe..pretty much anything under the sun.
  3. Use Theo as inspiration or a guide. Theo can give you opinions on a plethora of topics, can suggest solutions for some problems, recommend workouts, etc. The sky is the limit!

Remember though that it is AI and you shouldn’t rely on it to solve critical problems. Theo will for example, suggest medicines or remedies for health issues… but you should consult a doctor better!

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