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Build the internal apps you need to scale business without writing any code.

Trying to grow your business with incompatible tools and apps is like building a skyscraper out of LEGOs and Jenga blocks. (Great for game night, not so great for your career.)

Sure, processes and automations are game-changers, but your tech stack isn’t cutting it—and developing customized solutions is out of your budget.

What if there was a no-code platform that could build all the apps, automations, and integrations you need to scale your business?

Introducing Jestor.


  • Build forms, kanban boards, apps, automations, and integrations without writing any code
  • Access over 200 native, no-code automations and connect to Zapier to integrate your entire tech stack


Jestor helps you build internal tools for your business using over 200 native, no-code automations and integrations.

This platform helps you build forms with conditional logic, pagination, videos, and interconnected data—all without any coding.

Customize everything from the colors to the images, and add over 40 custom form fields like checklists, addresses, and numbers.

Whether they’re public or private, users can access forms directly from their browser without ever opening Jestor.

Super Forms
Create forms with conditional logic, embedded tools, and interconnected data.

Jestor makes it easy to create smart kanban boards with stage conditionals, charts, filters, and more.

For example, you can color-code tasks based on type or urgency to help you identify key priorities at a glance.

And you’ll be able to send emails, move cards, and create new cards at every stage with custom-made buttons.

Smart kanban boards
Build kanban boards with the functionality you need to get the job done.

This platform supports more than 200 native automations and integrates with Gmail, Slack, Microsoft Teams, DocuSign, and more.

Build integrations using OpenAI to generate content via ChatGPT, translate information, review text, and research companies.

Jestor plays nice with your tech stack, too! Simply leverage Zapier to connect with all your favorite tools.

No-code automations
Use 200+ no-code automations or build your own integrations with OpenAI.

Thanks to Jestor, you can create internal apps for your business using over 25 different blocks—without ever touching a line of code.

You’ll be able to build a custom business intelligence dashboard packed with charts, indicators, and filters.

This no-code platform also helps you integrate forms with kanban boards, incorporate multiple table views, and so much more.

And best of all, every internal app will be mobile-ready from the jump. That way, your team can work from anywhere.

App builder
Build any kind of internal app for your business using over 25 different blocks.

Forget about third-party tools! Use Jestor to build the internal apps you need to take your business to the next level.

Work on your own terms.

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