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Izyu LTD

The all-in-one user-generated content (UGC) content management platform for brands and agencies. Collaborate with creators!

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Are you a small brand suffering from the following:

Your customers adore your products but their social shout-outs are whispers. ?

Influences demand a king’s ransom for a few fleeting likes and shares. ?‍♀️

Your brand has a minimal budget. ?

Ad costs are skyrocketing through no fault of yours. ?

Constant ad fatigue means you always need new creatives. ?

There’s no time, money, or team member available to find, manage, negotiate, and pay creators. ⛔

Tackle these challenges head-on with IZYU! Your one-stop solution for UGC content.

Collaborate with creators, drive engagement, and improve performance metrics with budget-friendly UGC campaigns.


Izyu is the only creator platform that has gifted collaborations, reward-based campaigns, and on-demand paid UGC creator marketplace. 

Do you know buyers prefer seeing real people in ads and not celebrities? Boost your marketing efforts with user-generated content.

Izyu equips you with the platform to manage both the creators and the content.

Designed for small brands, IZYU delivers many benefits:

  • Drive your eCommerce store’s narrative with customer videos.
  • Increase your advertising ROAS with creative UGC.
  • Help your digital agency and clients stand out.
  • Amplify your local business social presence.
  • Save thousands on expensive agencies or do it yourself
  • Boost awareness and build trust in your brand
  • Get content on a continuous basis for ads or social media profiles

IZYU connects brands to creators to produce amazing UGC content that drives sales!

Why Choose Izyu?

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  1. Flexible Campaign Types: Reward your customers with additional discounts or Amazon Gift Cards, or send your product to creators for UGC creation. IZYU enables it all.
  2. Quick Process: In just 3 steps, you can have your UGC content live.
  3. User Testimonial: Hear from satisfied users like Greg and Alexander why they love IZYU.
  4. Vast Creator Network: Leverage our vast network of 4000+ creators waiting to rock your brand online.
  5. Smooth Communication: Easily interact with your creators within IZYU for quick revision and approvals.

Izyu Use Cases

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  • For eCommerce Stores and Dropshippers: Let IZYU help amplify your customers’ voices about your majestic products.
  • For Digital Agency Owners: If your clients have amazing products, our 4000+ creators are ready to review.
  • For Advertisers: Combat rising ad costs and ad fatigue with proven UGC content to increase ROAS and sales.
  • For Affiliate Marketers: Problem selling affiliate offers due to lack of trust? Let UGC content be your remedy.
  • For Local Businesses with Online Stores: Why wait to send your products to creators for review, and reward existing customers to create content around your brand?
  • For Social Media Marketers: Get ahead of the game by posting UGC content on Instagram and Facebook.

Get lifetime access to Izyu today!