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Edit videos faster and create viral shorts with this AI-powered clip maker.

Time flies when you’re filming content, not so much when you’re editing it. (“It’s been three hours and I’m still on the intro.”)

The thing is, having so much footage can feel like a curse when you’re trying to trim down the perfect clip for social media.

Wish you had an AI-powered video editor that could remove filler words, generate captions, and turn your content into viral, bite-sized chunks?

Say hello to Hipclip.


  • Clip and trim your videos in a text-based video editor interface—no timelines
  • Create social media clips from your long-form content automatically with AI


Hipclip is an AI-powered video editor that lets you trim, caption, and repurpose audio or video files.

Upload video and audio files as large as 2GB directly from your computer to start creating videos with your highest-quality media.

You can also import video and audio files from cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

From there, Hipclip will create a text transcript of your media, so you can trim the video as easily as you’d edit a Word document.

Text editing
Edit your videos in minutes using a transcript rather than a timeline.

Hipclip can automatically scan your audio to deliver metrics on your speech patterns, so you sound like you know what you’re talking about.

Remove filler words with one click, eliminating all your umm’s and ahh’s to instantly become a smooth talker.

Worried about awkward silences or the dreaded millennial pause? Good thing this tool makes it easy to detect and remove lengthy silences.

Remove filler
Remove filler words and awkward silences while also keeping an eye on your profanity.

Even better, you can add subtitles to your videos to make your content more accessible and watchable even with the volume off.

Because Hipclip automatically generates these subtitles for you, you don’t have to waste time transcribing them yourself.

You’ll be able to customize the look and feel of your captions by switching up the font, background, and visual effects.

Add captions to your videos to better engage with your audience.

No more scrubbing through hours of footage to find 30-second sound bites! With the power of AI, you can instantly clip the best parts of your long-form content.

Hipclip will also rate each clip to give you an indicator of which segments are more likely to hit it big on the algorithm.

Generate a catchy video title for every clip so you don’t have to worry about what to put in your social media caption either.

Extract short, viral-worthy clips for long-form content with the help of AI.

Hipclip is packed with a text-based editor, one-click edits, and AI-powered clips to make video editing a total breeze.

Create viral-worthy videos.

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