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GoZen Forms LTD

It’s impossible to grow your business if you can’t capture leads and gather customer insights

But you can’t build responsive apps that collect client info without fancy coding skills, which means you’re stuck using forms that don’t fit every use case

That’s why you need a no-code tool that lets you create any kind of form to attract the type of leads you’re looking for

Introducing GoZen Forms


GoZen Forms is a no-code survey, form, and quiz builder that simplifies data collection with dynamic templates and real-time insights.

GoZen Forms lets you create responsive online forms that fit any use case, either by starting from scratch or using a predesigned template.

Choose from over 180 industry-specific form templates, ranging from registration forms to customer service surveys.

Templates make lead generation feel like plug-and-play—just modify the form content as needed and start collecting responses!

You can share and embed your forms on multiple platforms, whether you want to display forms on your website or send them via direct links.

You can make unlimited interactive forms using a no-code builder, which allows you to save time and boost brand engagement.

Choose from hundreds of premade themes and customize the content to fit your target audience and branding.

You’ll also be able to create your own themes with custom fonts, fields, background images, and brand colors.

Once you’ve nailed your design, you can save your custom themes to reuse and edit for future projects.

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Use conditional logic to create dynamic surveys that ask the right questions. That way you’re getting the most out of your interactions.

Skip logic lets you generate relevant follow-ups based on form responses, so you’re using your leads’ time most effectively.

You’ll be able to choose from more than 20 different field types to make sure you’re collecting the info you need most from your audience.

Plus, you can even ask users to submit images, blog posts, files, and other types of content as feedback.

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GoZen Forms also offers built-in analytics, so you can check and share form results across devices in real time.

You’ll be able to view responses as they’re submitted, check completion rates, and keep tabs on forms still in process.

From the dashboard, you can also create custom shared workspaces, allowing your teams to manage all your forms from one convenient platform.

Best of all, GoZen Forms integrates with a ton of apps including Stripe, Google Sheets, and Mailchimp to streamline your workflow.

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It takes way more effort to capture leads than it does to capture your cat’s attention. (What’s the marketing equivalent of feathers on a string? But for people.”)

GoZen Forms makes it easy to build personalized, interactive online forms, surveys, and quizzes that attract the most qualified leads in any use case.

Ask questions people want to answer.

Get lifetime access to GoZen Forms today!