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Perfectly Optimized WordPress Posts from Google Docs with Just One Click – Bulk Processing Included!

Moving content from Google Docs to WordPress can be as awkward as squeezing a sofa through a revolving door – it’s slow, frustrating, and leaves you thinking, “Isn’t there a better way?”

As a content creator, you know that Google Docs is a solid collaborative tool for crafting your documents. However, making them go live on your WordPress website is a very different drill: copy, paste, format, upload media, tag… rinse and repeat.

What if there were a tool that turns the tedious task of formatting and publishing into a breeze, where a single click can bring your Google Docs to life on your website
Introducing GoPublish.


  • Create and update your WordPress content from Google Docs without logging in, saving precious time
  • Export thousands of content to WordPress with just one click, streamlining your content management workflow


GoPublish is an innovative content management solution that allows seamless one-click exports from Google Docs to WordPress, bypassing traditional plugins for speed and simplicity.

If you’ve ever spent hours formatting and reformatting content from Google Docs to WordPress, you’ll appreciate how GoPublish does it all in a single click.

Your articles, blogs, and web pages move from Docs to WordPress smoothly, keeping their original style and structure intact.

Plus, experience the magic of real-time synchronization. Any changes you make in Google Docs are instantly and accurately mirrored in WordPress with one click. No more double work or messing with the Guttenberg editor.

GoPublish also does more than just blog posts. It easily handles pages and all custom post types, perfect for a variety of content like knowledge bases, help docs, and portfolios. This flexibility means you can publish anything quickly and without hassle.

In short, this app makes your life easier. It’s simple, fast, and lets you focus on being creative. The perfect tool for smooth publishing.

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Transfer docs to WordPress effortlessly, keeping your style spot-on and syncing changes in a snap

GoPublish is so much more than a bridge between Google Docs and WordPress. It’s packed with nifty features that not only make your content stand out but also simplify your publishing process.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Links will automatically open in new tabs, keeping readers on your site.
  • Your blog comes alive with embedded YouTube videos and interactive tweets—all from the links you just pasted into your Google Docs.
  • Easily transfer SEO tags, post categories, H1, H2 headings, compress and make images accessible with alt text (warning if you omit any image optimization).
  • And many more.

All this without extra logins or tricky tools. You do it all from Google Docs.

It’s these thoughtful touches that make GoPublish not just useful, but a genuine delight for any content creator.

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Tweak WordPress publishing settings, including SEO tags and alt text, directly within Google Docs.

Say goodbye to the chaos of managing content for multiple websites.

GoPublish makes it easy. Choose from a dropdown in Google Docs, and your content publishes to any site you manage, right away.

It’s perfect for those with many sites who need a simple publishing tool. Write in Google Docs, pick your site, and your words are live in no time.

GoPublish isn’t just quick; it gives you time back and peace of mind. Your writing goes where it needs to, smoothly and simply.

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Publish your content to multiple websites right from Google Docs

Break free from the one-at-a-time upload grind.

GoPublish’s bulk export feature lets you populate your WordPress with a full roster of content at the click of a button.

Just link your Google Docs into a spreadsheet, choose your settings, hit export, and watch as your content uploads or updates by itself.

This new way of bulk exporting means less work, more results, and full control of your online look.

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Turn the tedious task of individual uploads into a seamless, one-click wonder for your WordPress site.

Remember the last time you had to update a blog post manually? Felt like trying to thread a needle in a hurricane, right?

GoPublish turns that hurricane into a gentle breeze. With just one click, your content, complete with media and formatting, travels from Google Docs to WordPress.

Experience smoother, faster, and more efficient content management than ever before.

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