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Elevate your sales and monitor conversions effortlessly with this cutting-edge link shortening tool for WordPres.

Navigating through a sea of links feels like trying to find your car in a mall parking lot on Black Friday. (Hint: it’s the one without the flashy, oversized bow).

But what if you could not only find your car but turn it into a limo, complete with a chauffeur of success at the wheel?

Imagine a tool that doesn’t just streamline your links but turns them into a full-fledged sales machine, armed with data and primed for profits.

Announcing Exact Links.


  • Track your conversions directly from your custom shortened links
  • Create custom URLs with advanced URL-shortening tools and dive deep into analytics that unlock the secrets behind every click
  • Insert beautiful call to actions for your products that make your content pop and your click-through rates soar


Exact Links is a smart plugin that converts your URLs into advanced tools for conversion tracking and sales boosting.

Link management has evolved beyond simply shortening long web addresses customized to match your branding, which Exact Links surely do…

BUT it’s also about discovering which efforts are converting into sales. Exact Links enables you to track conversions directly from your links (Woo & EDD integrations), plus it provides a wealth of additional data about your clicks and visitors such as where your audience is coming from, their devices, browsers, and operating systems. It’s like having your own personal link spyglass.

So why does this matter? Because understanding all this information helps you market more effectively. With Exact Links, your links aren’t just shorter; they’re smarter.

Exact Links Comparison Table
Exact Links is a top-tier solution in the industry, offering a wide range of advanced features that set it apart from the competition.

Give your audience the power to choose their adventure from your content. With Exact Links’ Choice Page, say goodbye to one hyperlink leading to a product page. Now, create a junction of options.

Imagine this: Visitors arrive at your Choice Page, linked or embedded in your content, and find not just one link but a whole array of options.

A striking product image sits at the top, grabbing attention. Below, multiple links offer a treasure map of options—Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or other similar products.

The Choice Page is a clear, engaging point of decision, making your audience feel empowered. They select, click, and proceed to their chosen destination, all within the space you’ve designed. This feature opens a new way to engage with your visitors.

Exactlinks Choice options
Engage your audience like never before while tracking your success in real-time.

Ready to give your WordPress page that splash of pizzazz it’s been craving?

Let’s talk about Exact Links’ shiny Box Content feature!

You know that feeling when you wear a new outfit and you know you’re rocking it? That’s what Box Content does for your page.

It helps you dress up your content in a sleek box that not only looks fab but makes visitors click, “Ooo, tell me more!”

It’s a splash of color and design that breaks up the text, highlighting the product you promote. This box is a bold visual in a quiet space, a clear call to action that readers can’t ignore.

The box Content doesn’t just add to your page; it turns it into an interactive spot that increases engagement and drives sales.

Exactlinks UI
Transform your page with eye-catching boxes that not only captivate but also compel your visitors to click and engage.

In the gladiatorial arena of digital marketing, only the strongest links survive—and Exact Links’ A/B Traffic Split feature is your secret weapon.

Think of it as your marketing Yoda, guiding you to the path of wisdom, where two URLs enter, but only one will lead you to the conversion promised land.

Your traffic doesn’t go to just one place. It’s shared between two URLs so you can see which one does better. Split testing made easy!

Eliminate the guesswork and start optimizing your pages for the highest engagement possible. With Exact Links, you can tip the scales of

Leave guessing behind; Make smart choices that make every click work harder for you.

ExactLinks AB text for links wit
Maximize your revenue by directing traffic to different pages and making data-driven decisions.

Struggling with link management can feel a lot like playing a never-ending game of digital hide-and-seek. (“Found one! Oh, wait, that’s from 2015.”)

With Exact Links, you’re getting a WordPress plugin that not only simplifies URL shortening but also turns it into a strategic asset.

This tool offers the unique feature of tracking your conversions directly from your links, and also unlimited link creation, detailed analytics, and unique features like Choice Page and Box Content, making your marketing efforts more efficient and data-driven.

So why not upgrade your link game? Create an impactful and insightful link strategy.

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