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Empower your customers to create authentic user-generated video content that increase conversions.

Finding authentic user-generated content often feels like trying to get an honest review from your grandma. (“This macaroni art is Michelin Star quality!”)

User-generated content has proven to be more effective than traditional corporate commercial content. It boosts the credibility and conversion rates of your product and brand. However, investing substantial time and money in creating and managing campaigns for this purpose can often lead to more stress than relief.

What if there was an intuitive platform to easily run targeted campaigns, reward users, and seamlessly collect content?
Drop the beat with Dropppin.


  • Enjoy a simplified process for collecting HD user-generated content. Manage and reward creators straight from your dashboard
  • Foster a sense of loyal community by allowing your fans to share their creative expression and stories related to your products and brand


Dropppin makes it easy to incentivizes customers to produce and share user-generated content, driving sales and engagement by turning everyday users into valuable brand ambassadors.

Tired of chasing down content and video reviews from your customers? Let’s flip the script!

With Dropppin, automatically collect a wealth of user-created content without lifting a finger.

Picture this: While you’re deep in dreamland, your brand’s tribe is busy crafting videos that radiate authenticity.

And the best part? Setting up is a breeze.

With Dropppin, you can:

  • Set up campaigns and collect user-generated content easily.
  • Customize reward options as per your requirements.
  • Share it easily with anyone, anywhere, and watch the user-generated content flow in.
  • With one click, decide to approve or reject any content or provide feedback.
  • Set up automatic email and coupon delivery for approved content.

Maintain a steady flow of relevant content without the hassle of distributing Google forms or managing submissions on Sheets. After all, why work hard when you can work smart with Dropppin?

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Elevate your content strategy with genuine user-generated content through campaigns that are easy to set up and manage.

Ever faced long 10-page forms that deter people from completing them? That’s bad for business. With Dropppin, you’ll find all the vital information presented concisely.

Us the step-to-step visual builder to set up your campaign and rewards—anything from free coffee or store coupons to exclusive merch—and voila! Your fans will start sending in their own authentic content, which you can cherry-pick from your dashboard.

Once you’ve created your campaign, you’ll receive a concise link. Share it through email, social media, or SMS with ease.

The cherry on top?

The platform is mobile-optimized, so users can quickly capture and upload videos from their phones.

Your users can also provide their social media username and phone number, and, with an in-built disclaimer, you’re legally protected when using their user-generated content.

It’s efficient, user-friendly, and ensures you stay out of legal troubles. They just upload the video, and you’re set!

Dropppin2 Step to step visual ca
Generate the perfect campaign that encourages your customers to participate by incentivizing and rewarding them.

Ready to turn your fanbase into your dream marketing team?

With Dropppin, receiving and managing your fans video content and rewards is as easy as brewing your morning cuppa.

As you receive the content, it will be scheduled for your review. If approved, you can opt for automated coupon sending. If rejected, you can provide immediate feedback so your users have comprehensive input before resubmitting their content. All of this can be done directly from the same interface with just a few clicks.

Once users upload their content and consent to its use, it lands directly into your preferred Cloud Storage (Google Drive or Dropbox, PCloud *coming) for further management and team collaboration.

Skip the costly agency fees and embrace authentic, fan-generated content that boosts brand trust and credibility.

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Share your collection link everywhere and start seeing user-generated content roll in.

Now that you’ve got authentic user-generated content from your loyal customers, it’s time to display it to the world.

Just copy the embed code and pop it into your favorite website or landing page builder. Your viewers will instantly see the well-crafted, right-sized widgets.

Forget about the common distractions in YouTube videos that cause your users to leave your site. Prepare for a viewing experience built to foster trust and drive conversions.

The widget is mobile-friendly and operates smoothly. You’ll appreciate its speedy, user-friendly slider with a sleek design.

It also displays the social media profile photo and username of the content creator. This adds tangible social proof for your site visitors, who will be able to validate the authenticity of the UGD boosting credibility.

Dropppin4 website display
Display authentic user-generated content directly on your website as social proof for everyone.

No more scrolling through low-quality stock photos trying to find something that vaguely represents your brand (Who are these generically happy people?!).

With Dropppin, you can easily gather authentic user-generated content from your real customers and fans on autopilot.

Launch campaigns, give rewards, and watch as high-quality content rolls in. This boosts your social proof, trust, and conversions quicker than a funny cat video spreading online.

Bring your community together and let them express their passion for your brand and products through their unique content.

Get Lifetime access to Dropppin today!