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AI-powered insights and answers from your business data, just by asking questions.

Trying to blend all your different data sources feels like mixing oil and water. (“Sure, they’ll just magically work together, right?”).

You know that understanding all the data moving in the background of your business is essential for making better decisions. However, as you juggle this impossible task, the real work gets left behind.

Imagine if you could turn that complexity into a streamlined, efficient process, where specific insights and answers are just a question away.

Enter a tool that does more than just gather data; it makes sense of it.
Make room for Conduit AI.


  • Get AI-generated insights for your queries, organized in an easy-to-use format within Google Sheets
  • Tailor your data’s story in Google Sheets with custom dashboards, turning complex metrics into clear, actionable insights that drive your business forward


Conduit AI is your personal data guide, turning complicated numbers into insights, so you make smarter business decisions.

Welcome to the world of Conduit AI, where deciphering complex data becomes as easy as asking, “How’s the weather?”

You can chat with your data in Google Sheets, the Conduit app, or your SaaS app.

The robust algorithms sift through data from different sources, giving you actionable insights to power up your decisions.

Imagine importing heaps of data from hundreds of sources like Shopify or Facebook ads, only to have it transformed into your personalized data storyteller.

Need to forecast sales, uncover trends, or spot those high-intent prospects? Just ask away!

Conduit Copilot answers
Conduit AI is your go-to data helper, ready to clear up your toughest business questions.

Wave goodbye to the monotonous grind of data chores and welcome to the era of smart workflow automation with Conduit AI.

Build custom workflows that clean, sort, and analyze your data quickly.

For instance, you can merge Facebook ad spend with internal data to see your true ad costs.

Or use Conduit to create complete profit and loss models, capturing every financial detail of your business.

The great thing is that you don’t have to start from scratch because they have a variety of pre-designed templates filled with useful examples and your favorite apps.

With just a few clicks, you can easily access all your important data and start making more informed decisions.

Harness the ability to control your data, boosting your business’s efficiency and accuracy.

Conduit AI Templates collection
Conduit AI turns complex data tasks into simple, smart workflows, giving you clear insights and more control over your business.

Unlock your data’s full story with Conduit AI’s Dashboard Builder, a tool that brings your business into focus.

It’s straightforward: Connect your data sources, choose the metrics you care about—like sales, marketing, and customer engagement—and let the system simplify the rest.

With a few clicks, you can craft personalized dashboards that turn those metrics into visual, easy-to-understand insights.

It’s about making your data work for you, delivering the right information when you need it, aligned with your strategic goals and KPIs.

Conduit data import
Conduit AI turns complexity into simplicity, empowering you to make informed decisions fast and with confidence.

Never miss a beat in your business with Conduit AI’s Notifications feature, your vigilant digital watchman.

It’s simple and powerful: set the thresholds for your key metrics once, and Conduit AI will continuously monitor your data around the clock.

Whether it’s a sudden spike in sales or an unexpected marketing trend, you’ll receive real-time alerts directly through Slack or email.

This means you can stay informed, react promptly, and make decisions based on the latest data, all without constant manual checking.

With Conduit AI Notifications, you’re always in the know, turning data surprises into chances for quick action.

Conduit AI notifications
Stay ahead with Conduit AI Notifications—set it once and get real-time alerts on your key metrics, keeping you informed and ready to act.

Handling lots of data can feel like trying to solve a tricky puzzle in the dark.

But fear not, Conduit AI is here to help.

It grabs complex data from various sources and turns it into clear, actionable insights with its smart AI. This lets you make quick, informed business decisions, even if you’re not a data expert.

Embark on your data mastery journey. Make informed decisions with ease and watch your business thrive with Conduit AI.

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