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Use this marketing dashboard to manage all your multichannel marketing campaigns

The hardest part about marketing shouldn’t be getting all your tools to play nice for a single campaign. (“Don’t make me separate you two again.”)

Because you’re working across platforms and juggling multiple software programs, you’re spreading your team thin and risking a ton of chaos.

That’s why you need an all-in-one platform for your creative process, social media, and paid growth strategy, so you can run multichannel campaigns from one dashboard.

Meet communion.


  • Leverage proprietary AI that uses context awareness and intelligent cues to create original content—not spam
  • Get detailed reports for your marketing campaigns and build custom, white-label reports for your stakeholders


Communion is a cross-channel marketing command center that helps you optimize ad performance in real-time.

Thanks to the power of proprietary AI, communion uses context awareness and intelligent cues to help you create unique content—not repetitive spam.

Getting started is easy! Choose from over 20 templates to create focused content ready to publish across channels.

You can also use AI to enhance your content with features like shorten, extend, simplify, complexify, summarize, and convert to bullets.

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Use templates to create great content and get writing support from generative AI.

With communion, you’ll get detailed, customizable reports that give you comprehensive visibility into marketing channel performance.

See customer acquisition cost, cross-platform attribution, and granular demographics for all your marketing channels—all in one place.

You’ll also be able to build custom reports for your team, which you can white label for external stakeholders.

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Get customizable reporting for all your marketing channels in one place.

Manage your ad strategy across channels without leaving communion’s dashboard, with support for Meta, Google Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and X.

You’ll get intelligent insights on key performance metrics for ads across channels with the ability to manage ad budgets.

And because communion uses trading-style algorithms to analyze and optimize performance across all ad channels, you can spend wisely.

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Actively manage your ad strategy across channels, including budget management.

With communion in your tech stack, it’s easy to work through ideas and whip up dozens of variations in seconds.

That means you can remix existing material to be more readable, optimized, and engaging—across every channel!

Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to set up communion, so you can start using it to accelerate your business growth right away.

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Remix existing content into different variations, ready for different social channels.

Keeping tabs on all your channels during a marketing campaign can feel like you’re watching different pots boil. (“This is either really boring or really stressful—no in-between.”)

With communion, you’ll get an all-in-one platform that lets you manage marketing campaigns across channels, track metrics, and optimize your ad spend.

Run multichannel campaigns from one place.

Get lifetime access to communion today!