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Easily build and train an intelligent chatbot powered by ChatGPT with online and offline data

Messaging with customer service chatbots can feel like you’re genuinely trying to talk to a parrot. (“Petey, please just listen to me.”)

Unfortunately, most chatbots aren’t intelligent enough to actually reduce customer support requests—which can be super frustrating.

What if you could leverage the language processing abilities and intelligence of ChatGPT to create a powerful, dynamic chatbot in seconds?Say hello to Chatbase.


  • Quickly train your chatbot with any online or offline data and embed it on your website as an iframe or support widget
  • Create an intelligent ChatGPT-like chatbot that matches your brand’s personality in just seconds
Alternative to
  • Intercom


Chatbase is an AI chatbot builder that lets you build, train, and embed smart chatbots powered by ChatGPT right on your website.

With Chatbase, you get everything you need to easily create a chatbot powered by ChatGPT to match your brand’s personality.

You’ll be able to edit the base prompt to change your chatbot’s vibe to fit specific projects or campaigns.

That means, your bot can respond in a casual, humorous tone or keep responses under a specific word count.

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Transform ChatGPT into an intelligent customer support chatbot on your website.

Chatbase makes it easy to train your chatbot offline by uploading files like Word documents, PDFs, and other text files.

You can use plain text to train your chatbot by copying and pasting info from non-downloadable sources like emails and text messages.

Plus, your chatbot will be able to crawl your website for answers when responding to different support questions.

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Train your chatbot with data from any online or offline source.

It’s super easy to customize the look of your chatbot! You can add a profile picture, choose a light or dark theme, and modify the text bubbles.

You can also change the chatbot’s opening greeting—whether you want it to introduce itself, offer help, or provide different solutions.

Add frequently asked questions as “suggested messages” so users can get answers without bogging down your support team.

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It’s a breeze to customize your chatbot to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Best of all, you can embed the chatbot on your website as a widget or iframe by simply copy-pasting the HTML code.

Once you enter a list of allowed domains, you can easily prevent your chatbot from being used on other sites.

And you’ll be able to use the Chatbase API to communicate with the bot from any app, streamlining your workflow.

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Create a chat window via iframe or a chat widget using a short HTML code snippet.

Once you level up your chatbot with ChatGPT, customers will get the answers they’re looking for right at their fingertips. (“And I didn’t even have to ask to speak to a manager!”)

Chatbase gives you everything you need to build your own chatbot, train it with online and offline data, and add it to your website.

Upgrade your customer service.

Get lifetime access to Chatbase today!