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Unify and automate your social media interactions with this advanced omnichannel CRM.

Juggling customer conversations across multiple social media platforms can feel like trying to play an intense game of Tetris — “the blocks keep coming, and you’re one move away from a total collapse.”

But there’s a silver lining in this cloud of confusing notifications — the opportunity to turn every message into profit.

Imagine a tool that brings all your customer chats into one place and turns them into valuable connections and sales chances.
Make room for Chat Breezes.


  • Funnel all your social media messages into one organized inbox so you can wave goodbye to the tab-switching tango and hello to easy customer conversations
  • Seamlessly integrate your product catalog to chat, making product recommendations as easy as sharing your favorite GIF


Chat Breeze is a social commerce hub that consolidates all your customer chats into one inbox, making it easier to chat, track, and provide support or sell without breaking a sweat.

Juggling multiple social media accounts for your business?

It’s great for building customer relationships and boosting engagement, but managing inquiries from everywhere can be tough.

Thankfully, Chat Breezes simplifies this with a Unified inbox.

Now, you can handle all customer chats from one spot without distractions. No more tab-switching acrobatics or losing track of who said what — it’s all right there!

Social media platforms currently supported include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter (X)
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp

Mark your Social chats as complete or pin them for later to ensure every customer feels listened to.

Plus, the auto-tag feature can be used to tag messages based on keywords they contain, making it easy to sift through conversations and keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ needs.

Moreover, the platform expands its functionality by providing e-commerce integration for Shopify and custom e-com catalogue. This allows you to easily introduce shortcuts to your products in your conversations with customers, just as easily as selecting your favorite GIF. Get more sales with less effort!

Find all your social media conversations, organized and accessible in one place

Chat Breezes turns every like, comment, and share into a potential sale with its smart automation.

Just set your rules and watch as it proactively tags your contacts and reaches out to leads, keeping your customer info up-to-date and turning interactions into opportunities.

And when a comment sparks interest, Chat Breezes doesn’t just take note, it springs into action, sending personalized messages or responding with spot-on answers based on keywords.

It’s like having a 24/7 digital sales rep, dedicated to boosting your lead generation and turning buzz into business.

With smart automation, turn chit-chat into cha-ching as every hello in your inbox inches closer to a sale.

At the heart of every sale is a story of connection. And Chat Breezes’ social CRM helps you write that narrative by transforming social interactions into lasting bonds.

Dive deep into your clients’ histories, preferences, and behaviors, using rich CRM data to tailor your services like a bespoke suit.

Target with precision, segment with insight, and watch as retargeting campaigns hit home, turning potential buyers into loyal fans.

It’s not just about managing relationships—it’s about enriching them.

Chat breezes’ CRM automatically imports your contacts from various sources, including your social media interactions, customers who make purchases on your e-commerce store, and even allows you to import your own custom contact list using a csv file. (PS: the CRM pipeline view is currently under implementation, so it will be available in the near future).

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Every customer detail is just a tap away, paving the way for sales that feel more like personal favors.

Imagine having a crystal ball for your business – that’s the analytics feature, giving insights to fine-tune your social commerce and boost your performance.

Easily see important stats like total messages, who your audience is, and how they engage with you. This helps you really get how your social media is doing in support, sales and marketing.

Dive deeper, and you’ll find trends and the most responsive audience segments. This kind of intel is what turns good strategies into great ones.

These analytics are easy to understand, no matter your tech skills. Everyone on your team can use this info to make better decisions.

With Chat Breezes, you use data to sharpen your sales and marketing. Every number helps you grow your business and connect better with customers.

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Analyze customer engagement to improve your reach and impact.

Managing multiple social media accounts can feel like a juggling act where the balls keep multiplying. Keeping up with every message and customer interaction is tough.

Chat Breezes simplifies this by bringing all your social media messages into one neat inbox so you can improve your response times at the same time that you can provide a personalized experience, boosting your sales and marketing.

Make your social media engagement and sales easy today.

Get Lifetime access to Chat Breezes today!