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Manage business processes and team workload on a productivity-focused platform.

In a world where people argue about whether milk or cereal goes in the bowl first, you can’t leave your business procedures up to chance. (It’s cereal, by the way.)

Most project management tools just focus on what to do, but pay no attention to explaining how to do it.

Good thing there’s a project management tool with a built-in procedure builder that helps your team see the company process alongside any task.

Get it done right with Alvanda.


  • Create complex, cross-departmental processes in a few minutes with a user-friendly process builder
  • Assign tasks to team members with linked procedures, automatic time tracking, and quarterly roadmaps


Alvanda is a business management platform that helps teams collaborate, streamline processes, and align with strategic goals.

Say goodbye to lengthy Notion docs! Alvanda lets you quickly create flowcharts for any procedure in just minutes.

Attach a procedure to any task you create to give your assignee a step-by-step guide that they can easily follow along.

If a team member ever gets stuck, they can chat and send clarifying messages right on this platform.

Alvanda also offers automatic escalations to managers, so notifications can get sent up the chain based on customizable timelines.

Procedures builder
Create visual procedures and attach them to any task you delegate to your team.

Even better, this platform lets you create a strategic quarterly roadmap for every area of your business that you can share with your team.

Quarterly goals are color-coded by overall progress, so your team can see at a glance what’s going well and what needs more attention.

Define action steps or milestones for each initiative with assignees, relevant procedures, and deadlines,  keeping everyone in the loop every step of the way.

Strategic roadmap
Keep your team on track with color-coded strategic quarterly roadmaps.

Alvanda also lets you build out a visual organizational chart that helps your team understand exactly who their peers are, who they report to, and how they fit into the company.

Automatically share access to relevant procedures, documents, and information just by adding someone to a role on this chart.

For example, you can onboard an accountant and automatically grant them access to invoices, contracts, and financial statements.

Whether you have high turnover in certain positions or you’re adding more positions to specific departments, this platform helps you streamline those pesky onboarding tasks.

Organizational chart
Map out your company in an organizational chart with a built-in permissions matrix.

Best of all, Alvanda automatically tracks time spent on all tasks, so you can identify bottlenecks and make smart adjustments.

Simplify your hourly billing with auto-generated timesheets that break down everything an employee or contractor has done.

And because managers can easily see project progress, team members don’t have to waste precious meeting minutes sharing updates.

Time tracking
Use the automated time and workload tracking to get more done as a team.

Alvanda combines a process builder and organizational chart with a powerful project manager to make work more efficient.

Optimize your business processes.

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