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Accelerate your business’ growth by automating Facebook Ads & Google Ads with AI in the first collaborative advertising growth platform.

Facebook and Google Ads are the most powerful tools for marketing, but they’re also incredibly difficult to use.

Most businesses waste thousands of dollars on ads that don’t convert. They end up spending more than what they make back from their ads.

With the AI-powered Adtuo platform you can create your ad campaigns in seconds and get automated growth recommendations without any experience with paid advertising.


  • Launch, manage, optimize and automate your Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads on autopilot.
  • Generate high-performing ad copy in multiple languages with AI.
  • AI-based traffic light system to show you what campaigns to optimize and get AI-campaign recommendations
  • Generate beautiful customized PDF reports to show campaign performance, share insights and results.

Step 1: Unify All Your Facebook Ads & Google Ads Campaigns In One Single Tool

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Simply connect your Facebook Ads & Google Ads account in seconds and import your campaigns, if you have any live at the moment.

You will see an easy-to-use complete dashboard for all your advertising campaigns. Compare and understand key data easily.

Step 2: Create And Edit Campaigns In Seconds With AI

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You can create campaigns with a few clicks, edit them and publish changes with a snap of your fingers.

Generate the copy of your ads with AI, add images with the built-in image editor, and create a beautifully designed image or mock-up directly inside Adtuo.

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Step 3: Optimize Your Ads With AI

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Adtuo’s AI will provide you with recommendations on how to optimize your ads. Get alerts on your campaigns, and take action quickly to improve them.

The AI-based traffic light view shows you which campaigns you should pay attention to and make changes.

Don’t waste time analyzing each campaign separately.

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Step 4: Share Beautiful Reports And Insights & Collaborate With Others

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Easily share beautifully designed and fully customizable reports, or share access with your Adtuo environment to allow your clients or co-workers to comment and collaborate.

Whether you work in marketing, design, product, or you are the CEO. Everyone involved can have a unified view of what works and what needs to be improved.

Save 20+ Hours Each Month With The Only All-In-One Collaborative Advertising Platform For Facebook Ads & Google Ads

Accelerate your business’ growth by automating Facebook & Google Ads with Ai in the first collaborative all-in-one advertising platform. 

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