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Optimize Google Ads and start saving on ad spend using automated insights and alerts.

Figuring out how to optimize your Google Ads can feel like you’re just throwing ideas at a wall and hoping something sticks. (“Oh no, things are getting messy.”)

The truth is that you can’t afford to keep using a bunch of different tools if you want your campaigns to gain traction at a lower cost.

If only there was a platform that combines SEO, user experience, and ad management tools to optimize your campaigns.

Enter Adsbot.


  • Optimize your Google Ads campaigns with smart tasks that help lower ad spend
  • Get a full breakdown of your competitors’ ads, including ad copy, keywords, and URLs


Adsbot is a marketing platform that optimizes your Google Ads campaign to lower ad spend and boost conversions.

With Adsbot, you can monitor your Google Ads campaigns right from your dashboard and see how everything is performing in real time.

That means you’ll be able to keep tabs on ad spend, weekly performance, and any issues that might need your immediate attention.

This tool also integrates with Google Ads and Search Console, so you can track everything from conversions and budgets to site speed and URL errors.

Track specific KPIs and overall performance data for your Google Ads campaigns.

Adsbot makes it easy to manage campaigns using predefined rules—no Google scripts, black box testing, or coding required!

These customizable rules act like smart tasks that constantly generate insights and real-time alerts.

You’ll even be able to notify your web developer about page errors and share CPC spikes with your media buyer instantly.

Performance overview
Monitor your campaigns and website for issues that might impact performance.

Adsbot identifies issues with campaigns and related URLs, then sorts these issues into three categories: good, important, and critical.

Get suggestions on how to fix any glaring issues and then choose to implement them on your own.

With detailed reporting on critical issues, you’ll know when to tweak campaigns and when to shut them off.

Monitor issues
Use predefined rules to collect data, generate insights, and notify your team.

Want to spy on your competition? Adsbot also lets you track keywords in any language to see who’s bidding on them.

You can check out the titles, headlines, URLs, and descriptions that your competitors are using in their advertising strategy.

Best of all, you’ll be able to save competitor ads to reference when you’re developing new campaigns.

Competitor ads
Spy on competitor ads and save them for future reference.

Sometimes it feels like you’d have a better chance of hitting the jackpot than lowering your ad spend. (“These sure don’t look like winning numbers to me.”)

Good thing Adsbot helps you automatically optimize all your Google Ads, so you save money and boost conversions stress-free.

Spend less on your Google Ads.

Get lifetime access to Adsbot today!