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ABtesting.Ai LTD

The easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to A/B test, powered by AI. Generate, design & launch A/B tests automatically and optimize the conversion of your website on autopilot.

A/B testing is hard and time-consuming.

It is about time the Conversion Rate Optimization game changed.

Meet ABtesting.ai!

ABtesting.ai is the conversion rate optimization tool powered by AI. The tool generates, creates, designs and combines different variations of your landing pages and tests them at scale. 

Don’t have tons of traffic? No worries! ABtesting.ai uses the ‘Multi-armed Bandit Testing’ approach, which means that it needs less traffic to complete an experiment and doesn’t lose any conversion while testing.


  • Boost conversion rates of any landing page, with the AI-powered automated A/B testing platform.
  • Generate multiple variations in seconds and let the AI find the highest performing combination.
  • Generate high-performing landing page copy in multiple languages with AI, powered by GPT-3.
  • Works lightning fast on all websites, from WordPress, to Wix, to any custom-built site.

Step 1: Add Your Website

You can set up any experiment in 10 minutes:

Simply add your URL and the tool will scan your site that to identify the most important elements to test, presenting them to you on the next step.

The software recognizes titles, page copy, images, and buttons.

ABtesting.ai is Web Builder-agnostic.

You can make the tool work with any website builder. No exceptions.

The snippet is super lightweight, meaning that it won’t slow down your load speed at all.

Step 2: Generate The Variations Automatically

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ABtesting will run all the page’s content through the AI, and will give you text suggestions based on that content, for every element you feel like testing (Headlines, Copy and CTAs).

You can easily edit the suggestions and add other elements to test.

Step 3: Select Your Conversion Goal

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Simply select the goal of your A/B test, for example, new sign-ups or increased revenues.

You can easily define conversion events by:

  • Using the Google Analytics integration, which lets you select any of your custom events as the conversion event for the test.
  • Letting the AI define it for you with our Smart Detection technology.
  • Using a Target URL (like a Thank you page).
  • Defining the conversion manually using a simple line of code.

Step 4: Launch & Watch Your Conversion Rates Grow

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Simply hit ‘Launch’ and your experiment will start. The AI will focus solely on improving your conversion rates, even with low amounts of traffic.

The tool learns extremely fast and will show the best-performing versions to your visitors automatically, so you won’t lose any money.

How Toyota Increased Their Conversion Rates By 18% With Automated A/B Testing

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Toyota was launching a campaign to get leads for their Toyota Prius C model. They decided to use ABtesting.ai to optimize their landing page.

Talking about the 40% savings on gas people could make with the hybrid technology, boosted the conversion rate by 18%.

It’s Like Having A Growth Marketer Working 24/7 For Your Business

ABtesting.ai is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to A/B test and optimize the conversion of your website on autopilot. 

Normally you would pay up to $924/year, but for a limited time only you can get lifetime access starting at $59 one-time.

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